Meet the Ceo's

Ret. SGM Lawrence D. Brown and Dr. Alfreda Brumfield Brown are Chief Executive Officers of B&B Consultants for Excellence and Self Actualization. Attending the school of hard knocks, both travelled a difficult but rewarding journey towards self-actualization. Through training and exercises that provide a deep dive towards motivational and personal change, B&B Consultants will help participants actualize hidden strengths that build potential and permanency in new ways of thinking, doing and living.

Lawrence is a 26-year U.S. Army, Retired SGM veteran, as well as an administrator, spending several years as a trainer for managers and subordinates in higher education. He has vast knowledge in areas of public safety, affirmative action, management, leadership and counseling. Lawrence is also known as a highly favored motivational speaker who “keeps it real.”

Ret. SGM Lawrence D. Brown

Dr. Alfreda Brumfield Brown

Alfreda has more than 30 years in higher education, to include administration as VP and Chief Diversity Officer, speaker and trainer in diversity and inclusion. Alfreda’s experience covers a wide range to include leadership training, teaching business management and service leadership courses, coaching, mentoring, diversity strategic planning and diversity assessment training.